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All Smiles - Red Panda Scratchboard and Ink 
The Story Behind the Art

Red pandas are adorable little critters that get much less press than the larger black and white panda' bear'. They are native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. When I was a child my Mother would play a game with my brother and I that she owned as a child herself. The entire game was written in French (so my Mom had to read the cards to us) but the premise was that you were a zoo keeper and you had to get all of the animals for your zoo. One zoo was the 'baby animal zoo' and I would pick this particular zoo simply so I could collect the card that had the baby red panda (even though it was not the best zoo for winning the game). It was the cutest baby animal I had ever seen! While I have yet to see a baby red panda in real life (though have seen quite a few adults in zoos), I still love these little fellows and loved the expression on this ones face just begged to be scratched.









"All Smiles"

Scratchboard and Ink
Red Panda

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Awards and Exhibition History

2009 Society of Animal Artists "Small Works, Big Impressions" show (Parker, CO)

2011 LSU "Animals In Art" exhibit; Baton Rouge, LA

2012 International Society of Scratchboard Artists Annual Exhibition ~ ARThouse Gallery; Glen Ellen, CA

2012 The Nature of Art: An Invittational Exhibit ~ Midland Center For The Arts; Midland, MI








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