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Wing Flap - Oil Painting Goldeye 
The Story Behind the Art

My father is an avid hunter and outdoorsman (plus many years as a wildlife biologist for the BLM) and I grew up in a house sprinkled with wildlife and especially waterfowl art. He collects federal duck stamps, as did my Grandfather, and we have several prints of them hanging in our house. Undoubtedly my passion for wildlife and the outdoors was fuelled by my parents passion for them as well.

One of my inspirations for taking up oil painting this year was to complete an entry for the Federal Duck Stamp competition. Each year five species are selected as being the species eligible to be entered into the contest. I was fortunate that a small pond across from my house attracted about a dozen common goldeneyes, one of the eligible species, this past winter, so I was able to get many photos. While I played with a more traditional stamp look (duck floating on the water), I kept coming back to this dramatically lit drake goldeneye flapping his wings. I was aware that the more 'artsy' and unusual pose most likely would not fare as well as a more traditional pose (they have a certain look that they choose over and over again for winners), but I decided to go for it anyways. "Wing Flap" did make it through the first round and into the 2nd, with respectable scores, but that was where it ended its journey through the federal duck stamp competition 2012. Nevertheless I was pleased and felt that this work will have more appeal both to me and others than 'just a duck sitting on the water' (which no surprise, is exactly what won!). You can see the top three winners at:

And yes, I likely will enter again... maybe a duck sitting on the water, or maybe something more artsy. I guess you will find out next year!









"Wing Flap"

Oil Painting

Common Goldeneye

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Awards and Exhibition History

2012 Federal Duck Stamp Competition

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