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Vinni- A Commissioned Scratchboard

Have a richly detailed, and unique Scatchboard portrait drawn of a pet or wildlife concept. Scratchboard works are done from your photograph(s) or mine, and can be created in black and white or color.

The clearer the photos the greater detail can be given to the drawing. If individual hairs and whiskers can be seen in the photo they can be drawn in and it will add a more realistic feel to your drawing. For scratchboard works photo references must be clear and sharp. If more than one photograph can be sent that is also helpful. Click here for some tips on photographing pets. Any physical photographs sent will be returned with the finished piece.





Base Price list for custom scratchboard works with single subject matter. For multiple pets in one artwork price is somewhat higher.

5" x 7" - $895
8" x 10" - $1,795
9" x 12" - $2,095
11" x 14" - $2,495
12" x 12" - $2,495
12" x 16" - $2,895
16" x 20" - $3,995
18" x 24" - $4,895
24" x 36" - $10,500
Larger custom projects can be created up to 48" x 96" in size. These very large projects require special custom-manufactured heavier weight panels and are priced per square inch, plus cost of the panels. Very large projects can take up to a year to be completed. Please email to get a price estimate to discuss making a truly unique and beautiful statement piece for your home!

e-mail here to inquire about a custom artwork, made just for you!

My highly detailed Scratchboard works can often take hundreds of hours to complete, and there is no 'fast' way for me to create the exceptional quality scratchboard that I create! While my work is indeed a bit more expensive than many artists, I am one of less than 15 living Master Scratchboard Artists worldwide, so you are going to receive a truly exceptional piece of artwork, as I don't cut corners in my creative and creation process! All works are created with top of the line materials and craftsmanship.

Price given above is for the first animal in the drawing with simple background. Smaller sizes (smaller than 11"x14") are only suitable for head/shoulder portraits, not full body, and no more than one animal. Additional animals in the drawing add 20% to the pricing.

Commissioned works are priced without framing. I can do the framing for you, but there is an additional charge. I will let you know the total cost before I begin working. Larger sizes, additional subjects and complex backgrounds available at an additional cost. Price includes color, if desired.

1/3 of the cost is non-refundable and due before the portrait is started, The balance is due after the work is completed. If desired up to three progress photos can be sent as I work on your project.

Scratchboard is not a very forgiving medium to make changes after the fact, so only minor changes can be made after you approve the layout and design. If there is something that you do not like in the preliminary layout let me know before we start! I work closely based on reference photos. If you live close to me and your pet is available I love taking my own reference photos and meeting your pet. No additional cost within 20 miles of me.

How long it takes me to complete a commission depends on my busy travel and teaching schedule and other commissions ahead of yours. Please plan well in advance of when you need your art completed and you can contact me (below) to inquire how long the wait will be. Larger sizes and complex works do take longer to complete
. Generally I am working three to six months out on commission projects, but feel free to reach out with a bit about your project and I can tell you approximately when I can have it done. Rush drawings may be completed for an additional cost (minimum of four weeks).

Contact me for more information or to commission a scratchboard of your pet or a special wildlife art project just for you!

Scratchboard works can be completed from large print photos or large digital files, or a combination of digital and actual photos. All photos and digital images must be clear, in focus and well lit (not flash) and a minimum of 1200 pixels in size (digital) or 5"x7" (or larger) prints. If you plan on using photos taken by a professional photographer as a primary reference a written and signed release from the photographer giving me permission to use the image(s) is required . If the photographs sent are unsatisfactory then I will not be able to complete the drawing and your images and deposit will be returned.



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