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Giclee Prints

Many of my works are available as high quality limited edition giclee reproductions. Images can be ordered from each work's individual page by using the drop down menu to select the size you would like to order. Edition sizes are 500 for 8"x10" size, 350 for 11"x14" and 12"x12" sizes and 150 for 16"x20". Duraplaque Prints have editions of 50.

Most reproductions are printed on high quality, acid-free fine art papers using the finest giclee printing technology available. Every Limited Edition reproduction has been inspected by the artist to ensure that it is a very close representation of the original artwork. Prints have either a 1/2" (for 8"x10" prints) or 3/4" (larger sizes) white border where each is signed and numbered by the artist in pencil. Each work also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Most prints are a standard size for ease of framing.

A few of my odd sized prints are offered as duraplaque mounts, which is a plaque-mounted format. A beveled edge looks great and makes it so that custom framing is not needed. The surface is durable and easy to clean. These are produced on demand, so take longer to get shipped out (three to four weeks). They are still signed and numbered by hand.

Payment is easiest through paypal, however if you do not have paypal account you can contact me and other payment arangements can be made. Shipping outside of the United States is also available, however shipping costs will be higher, so please contact me before ordering. Many of my original works are also available for sale, as indicated on each works page.

E-mail or call me at 303-717-2138 for specifics about ordering.

The following works are available as reproductions:

Wildlife - Canine

Foxy Lady - Scratchboard Art FoxThe Greeting - Scratchboard Art WolvesThe Scout - Scratchboard ArtEdge Of Darkness - Scratchboard Gray WolfMouthing Off - Scratchboard Art Wolves Waiting on Sundown - Scratchboard Art Wolf

The Brotherhood - Scratchboard Art WolvesJust A Glance - Scratchboard Art WolfBee-Mused - Scratchboard and Ink Gray WolvesThe Naturalist - Scratchboard Wolf and ButterflyFlower Power - Scratchboard ArtMahigan - Scratchboard and Ink Wolf

Cold Front - Scratchboard ArtIn Hot Pursuit - Scratchboard Art WolfSoul Mates - Scratchboard Art Iberian Wolves


Wildlife - Feline

Peek-A-Boo - Scratchboard Art Bobcat KittenThe Hunger Games - Scratchboard Art BobcatOn The Prowl - Scratchboard Art Mountain LionSpring Loaded - Scratchboard Mountain LionDreaming Big - Scratchboard Art Lion CubStaredown - Scratchboard Art Cheetah

Gone In A Blink - Scratchboard Art Amur LeopardImperial QUeen - Scratchboard Art TigerRustle In The Brush - Scratchboard TigerSpotted - Scratchboard Amur LeopardThe Hypnotist - Scratchboard Art Snow LeopardThe Interrupted Drink - Scratchboard Art Tiger

Luminescent - Scratchboard TigerSpellbound - Scratchboard Art Amur Leopard


Wildlife - Other Mammals

Lazy Boy - Scratchboard Grizzly BearPickin' Daisies - Scratchboard Art Grizzly BearBruiser - Scratchboard Grizzly BearBear With Me - Scratchboard Grizzly BearMother May I? - Scratchboard and Ink Black BearsPatience Is A Virtue - Scratchboard Art Grizzly Bear

Tres Banditos - Scratchboard Art RaccoonsMoose On The Loose - Scratchboard ArtFeeling Inclined - Scratchboard Bighorn SheepThe Challenger - Scratchboard Art ElkSeptember Serenade - Scratchboard Elk

American Icon - Scratchboard and Ink BisonTough Enough - Bighorn Ram Scratchboard


Wildlife - Birds

Scatter - Scratchboard MagpiesMantling Golden Eagle - Scratchboard ArtIntrigue - Scratchboard Art Great Gray OwlThe Night Watchman - Scratchboard Art Great Gray OwlThe Enlightened - Scratchboard Great Horned OwlSounds In The Night - Scratchboard Eastern Screech Owl

Caw of the Wild - Scratchboard RavenPrickly Perspective - Clayboard Cactus WrenSpring's Promise - Scratchboard ChickadeesBluebird and Blossoms - ScratchboardA King on His Throne - Scratchboard Art KingfisherPreening Macaw - Scratchboard and Ink Art

Blue and Gold - Scratchboard and InkNapoleon - oil painting collared sunbird


Dogs and Cats

Watching Me, Watching You - scratchboard artA Moment of Reflection - scratchboard artShakin' It Up - scratchboard artSoulful - scratchboard artGoing For Gold - Scratchboard Cat


Horses and Livestock

Darkness and Light - scratchboard artA Driving Force - scratchboard artWindblown - scratchboard artZen - scratchboard artFantasy - scratchboard artNobility - scratchboard art

Leading The Team - scratchboard art The Patriarch - scratchboard artWisdom - scratchboard artQuiet Connection - Scratchboard HorseGrace - scratchboard artComin' At Ya - scratchboard and ink art

Bending - scratchboard artYielding - scratchboard artFaithful Friend - scratchboard artA Sensitive Nature - scratchboard artShine On - scratchboard artGood Ole Boy - scratchboard art

Tassels - scratchboard artStudded - scratchboard artWhat next? - scratchboard artRoping Horse - scratchboard artA Distant Gaze - scratchboard art

Dressed For Success - scratchboard art horseAngus Bull - scratchboard art






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