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North American Wildlife Works - Available Originals

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Available Originals

Available Through the Artist

Takin' A Lickin' - Scratchboard Art Mountain Lion Eye Spy - Scratchboard Art JaguarWinter Storm Watch - Clayboard foxBright Eyed - Scratchboard Gray WolfThe Thinker - Scratchboard Gray WolfEdge Of Darkness - Scratchboard Gray Wolf

Watching Wolf - Scratchboard Art WolfLazy Boy - Scratchboard Grizzly BearPatience Is a Virtue II - Scratchboard Grizzly BearHeart Of A Grizzly - Scratchboard Art Grizzly BearSpin Cycle - Scratchboard Grizzly BearReady To Rumble - Bison Scratchboard

Hill Billies - ScratchboardThat's The Spot - ScratchboardEvening Stroll - ScratchboardOtterly Adorable - ScratchboardShirley the baby squirrel - ScratchboardDesert Cottontail - Scratchboard

Water World - ScratchboardBelly Up - Oil Grizzly Bear

Available Through Galleries

Peek-A-Boo - Scratchboard Art Bobcat KittenBull Elk - Scratchboard



Sold Works (some have prints available)

Mouthing Off - Scratchboard Art WolvesWaiting on Sundown - Scratchboard Art Wolf The Brotherhood - Scratchboard Art Wolves Just A Glance - Scratchboard Art WolfBee-Mused - Scratchboard and Ink Gray Wolves

The Naturalist - Scratchboard Wolf and ButterflyFlower Power - Scratchboard ArtMahigan - Scratchboard and Ink WolfCold Front - Scratchboard ArtIn Hot Pursuit - Scratchboard Art Wolf Wolf - Scratchboard Art Wolf

Cold Front - Scratchboard Art WolfThe Greeting - Scratchboard Art Wolves The Scout - Scratchboard ArtVigilant - Scratchboard Art WolfFamily Reunion - Scratchboard Art WolvesFoxy Lady - Scratchboard Art Fox

The Approach - Scratchboard Fox KitPoised - Scratchboard Art FoxThe Hunger Games - Scratchboard Art BobcatWalking The Line - Scratchboard and Ink Mountain LionLion About The Weather' - Scratchboard Art Mountain LionOn The Prowl - Scratchboard Art Mountain Lion

Shadow Cat' - Scratchboard Art Mountain LionSpring Loaded - Scratchboard Mountain LionLion In Wait' - Scratchboard Art Mountain Lion Canyon Cat - Scratchboard Art Mountain LionBear With Me - Scratchboard Grizzly BearMother May I? - Scratchboard and Ink Black Bears

Bruiser - Scratchboard Grizzly BearPatience Is A Virtue - Scratchboard Art Grizzly BearAt the End of the Rainbow - Scratchboard River Otter and Rainbow TroutFeeling Inclined - Scratchboard Bighorn SheepThe Challenger - Scratchboard Art ElkSeptember Serenade - Scratchboard Elk

The Sage - Bison ScratchboardAmerican Icon - Scratchboard and Ink BisonWooly Bully - Scratchboard ArtRange Rover - Bison ScratchboardWith Age Comes Wisdom - Bison ScratchboardTough Enough - Bighorn Ram Scratchboard

Mister Chipper - Ground Squirrel ScratchboardPeanut? What Peanut? - Ground Squirrel ScratchboardA Taste Of Spring - Scratchboard Art Red SquirrelHoney Bunny - Scratchboard Art RabbitTres Banditos - Scratchboard Art RaccoonsOn The Wind - Grizzly Bear Oil Painting


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