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Available Originals


Crow - Scratchboard As Darkness Descends - Scratchboard Uplifting - ScratchboardMantling Golden Eagle - Scratchboard ArtBy Dawns Early Light - Scratchboard ArtHide And Seek - Scratchboard

The Sound of Silence - Scratchboard Art Scatter - Scratchboard MagpiesScratchboard and Ink Heads Or Tails - Scratchboard and InkFisherman's Peer - Scratchboard and InkSpoonbill - Scratchboard and Ink

Storm Wigeon - Scratchboard and InkHarlequin Drake - Scratchboard and InkPrairie Falcon - ScratchboardAnna's Hummingbird - Scratchboard and InkAllen's Hummingbird - Scratchboard and InkRivoli's Hummingbird - Scratchboard and Ink

Radiant Rufous - Scratchboard and InkPre-flight Inspection - Scratchboard and InkGambling Along - Scratchboard and InkThe Grand Revealing - ScratchboardScratchin - ScratchboardFeeling Cocky - Scratchboard Art

Blue and Gold - Scratchboard and InkWing Flap - Oil Common GoldeneyeMr. Wood Duck - Acrylic




Sold Originals (some have prints available )

Night Patrol - Scratchboard OwlThe Enlightened - Scratchboard Great Horned OwlSounds In The Night - Scratchboard Eastern Screech OwlIntrigue - Scratchboard Art Great Gray OwlThe Night Watchman - Scratchboard Art Great Gray Owl The Huntsman - Scratchboard Great Horned Owl

Star Bright - Scratchboard ArtThe Innkeeper - Scratchboard Owlstarlight surveyor - Scratchboard ArtGround Patrol - Scratchboard ArtSpring's Promise - ScratchboardBluebird and Blossoms - Scratchboard Art

Caw of the Wild - Scratchboard RavenCommon Raven - Scratchboard Prickly Perspective - Clayboard Cactus WrenVermillion - Scratchboard ArtScratchboard and Ink Port In The Storm - Clayboard Costa's Hummingbird

Arizona Jewel - Scratchboard and Ink Quick Sip - Scratchboard and Ink Summer Splendor - Scratchboard and Ink Ocotillo Outlook - Scratchboard and Ink Saguaro Singer - Scratchboard and Ink Scratchboard and Ink

The Art of Rhetoric - Scratchboard and InkThe Homesteader - Scratchboard and InkScratchboard and Ink River Dance - Scratchboard and Ink A King on His Throne - Scratchboard Art KingfisherPreening Macaw - Scratchboard and Ink Art

Napoleon - oil painting collared sunbirdFederal Duck Stamp 2016 - Acrylic Painting



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