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Horse and Cattle Works

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Available Originals

Available Through the Artist

Trail Boss - scratchboard artTailwind - scratchboard artWaiting His Turn - scratchboard horseThe Buddy System - scratchboard artTeam Player - scratchboard art

Dazzling - scratchboard artRing Ready - scratchboard artThe Mane Attraction - scratchboard artAngus Bull - scratchboard art

A Kind Eye - scratchboard artRoping Box Readiness - graphite pencil


Available Through Galleries

X, Halt, Salute - scratchboard artHunter - scratchboard art


Interested in having your own horse commemorated in scratchboard?
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Sold Originals (some have prints available)

A Driving Force - scratchboard artWindswept - scratchboard artZen - scratchboard artFantasy - scratchboard artLeading The Team - scratchboard artThe Patriarch - scratchboard art

Grace - scratchboard artQuiet Connection - Scratchboard HorseArabian Elegance - scratchboard artImpulsion - Scratchboard Dressage HorseComin' At Ya - scratchboard and ink artBending - scratchboard art

Yielding - scratchboard artFaithful Friend - scratchboard artDressed For Success - scratchboard art horseHeading Home - scratchboard artA Sensitive Nature - scratchboard artShine On - scratchboard art

Leo - scratchboard artStudded - scratchboard artWhat next? - scratchboard artRacing The Wind - scratchboard artRoping Horse - scratchboard art

Good Ole Boy - scratchboard artOn The Job - scratchboard artA Distant Gaze - scratchboard artFlight of Fancy - scratchboard horseWind Knots - scratchboard artGolden Girl - scratchboard art horse

A Star In Born - scratchboard artDarkness and Light - scratchboard artBackAsswards - scratchboard artI'm All Ears - scratchboard artFuzzy Wuzzy - scratchboard art




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